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Go Miss Natalie

Go Miss Natalie 


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Lol Coachella

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Article on 100s by moi

Piece I wrote for Smoking Section on Berkeley rapper 100s



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EMP was a great success!

Thanks to Ben Sandmel for this nice write-up of this weekend’s EMP NOLA:


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2013 EMP at Tulane!

Just announced! 2013 EMP Pop Regional Conference at Tulane University!

Due South: Roots, Songlines, Musical Geographies

April 18-21, 2013
New Orleans, LA

Jointly sponsored by Experience Music Project and
The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University”The South” has a hold on the cultural imagination as tangled as its musical geography: it represents tradition even as its musical pasts are repurposed for tourism and new genres emerge from cross-pollinations. John Hiatt sings to an imaginary rider, “so when you’re feelin’ down and out / Come on, baby, drive South,” as if the entire region is a balm for modernity. Where is this romanticized South? It depends on who’s asking and who’s driving...
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New starts

Working through new beginnings.

I’ve never had a website that was fully my own before…I’ve always written things for other people’s sites instead, choosing that route over what I felt was perhaps an indulgence in pretension or self-absorption. But a number of people have asked me lately about creating a blog or some other kind of central site, and since I write and travel and take pictures, it seems appropriate. And, at the end of the day, I live in New Orleans, a city that is so unapologetically unique that it is almost a crime not to document. I have pictures, I have poems, I have songs, I have reviews, I have experience. All these–scattered on bits of paper and in corners of drawers in many places–will eventually all find their way here. So.

A note about the name...

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NOLA Hiphop Archive

Archive logo COLOR (4_3)

The New Orleans Hiphop Archive, a project founded in conjunction with the Tulane Amistad Research Center by myself and a group of rappers and local historians that seeks to document, continue, and provide support for this fascinating music. By creating a digital archive of videotaped interviews, performances, and ephemera, and followed by––we hope––an actual physical museum space, we hope to play a small part in dismantling the notion that hiphop is not heritage or in need of preservation. The New Orleans (NOLA) Hiphop Archive should be accessible online late 2013/early 2014. For now, you can visit our social media sites on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow the Archive twitter feed on MaraSabah.

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Houma, Louisiana 2013

21, houma

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Todd Day Wait band, New Orleans 2013

21, todd

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After a set, 2013

21, guitars

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