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Women of Old-Time Music now on Folkstreams!

My 2003 film Women of Old-Time Music is now on Folkstreams, complete with a new trailer. Watch the film here

Cover Graphic, VL

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My interview with Hood Internet for Smoking Section

In which I interview Hood Internet ‘s STV SLV for Smoking Section about Cash Money, Mixtapes, and Making Records. 






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Unpaid Internships and the Ruination of Journalism

Check out my friend David Dennis’ next great piece for The Guardian

New York Times building


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My interview with Mr. Robotic for Smoking Section

In which I interview Mr.Robotic about music licensing for Smoking Section:

Mr Robotic

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New Orleans in the Guardian

If you haven’t read my friend David J. Dennis Jr.‘s great piece in the Guardian yet, do it now

Mothers DAy shooting

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My soundtrack for Hotel Whisky Tango

Great new interactive ipad comic book Hotel Whisky Tango has a soundtrack and I’m on it, check it out!


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Second lines on the cover of the NYT…

After the Mother’s Day shooting, a conversation about second-lines in the NYT…


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Love Letters from New Orleans has an ipad app!

Love Letters from New Orleans has a new ipad app, check it out!



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My article on Tef Poe and STL grassroots networking

New Smoking Section piece written by me on Tef Poe, STL, & the art of grassroots networking, love to the IndyGround Crew too


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Help Truth Universal’s Kickstarter!

Help artist Truth Universal reach his goal to produce his new album, Invent the Future!



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